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Impact Paintball

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Gateway 3 man rookie/novice series

March 13th-8th place ( Mike H, Mike P, and Nick )
May 15th-8th place ( Joe H, Kevin, and Joe S )
July 17th- Did not participate
September 18th- Will probably have 2 squads entering

We are starting out our first tournament series at Gateway Paintball in St. Louis ,MO
3 man rookie tournament on march 13th,may 15th, and July 17th

1st place: 3 E-force Pirahnas
2nd place: 3 case of paint PMI
3rd place: Jerseys and gloves

In the 1st round of the series Mike Hessel, Nick Wells, and Mike Perhamsky particapated.
In the 2nd round Joe Hessel, Kevin Flavin, and Joe Schmoele participated.


Our Team was started in February 2005


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So far our team has 8 members

Joe Hessel Captain

Joe Wilder

Dan Wilder

Nick Wells

Mike Hessel

Ryan Greenwell

RJ Klocker

Jim Schaperkotter


In the second round of the 3 series event. Our team was placed in a really hard division. Some of the top teams in the area were in it. Blindside ( got 2nd both rounds ) was placed first against us. Joe H. nocked out two of their members and Joe Schmoe got hit off the break. It was our 2 on their 1 and Kevin did not know where he was. Joe tried to make a break to get on his side and he got shot just when he was about there. Kevin was getting checked for paint and got bunkered in the process. We also played Dunns Factory ( sponsored by dunns ) Unsung ( who got 1st ) and Ambusch ( good team who beat Dunns Factory ). We managed to beat Ambusch it was 3 on 1. Joe H managed to pull it off. Other than that it was a really tough day. Overall we played ok.

If your team wants to scrimmage post in our forums or email me!!

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