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Impact Paintball

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The Team

Joe Hessel

My name is Joe Hessel I will be particapting in most tournaments our team is entered into I will be playing back/front.

Rank: Captain


Height: 5.5

Experience 9 months

Joe Wilder

My name is Joe Wilder of team impact I will

be playing in most tournaments. I will be playing back/mid.

Rank: Member


Height: 5.6

Experience:7 months

Gun: Smart parts Ion

Dan Wilder

My name is Dan Wilder i have been paintballing

for about 7 months I will be playing front/mid.

Rank: Member



Gun: Spyder Imagine ( progressive )

Mike Hessel

My name is Mike Hessel I play on Team Impact and have been paintballing about 9 months. I try to get to the field as much as i can and love to play.

Rank: Member


Height: 4.11

Gun: Tippmann A-5 ( response and doulbe trigger )

Nick Wells

My name is Nick Wells i will be particpating in the tournament coming up on March 13th 2005 I will be playing back.

Rank: Member

Age: 14

Height: 4.8

Gun: Spider Imagine

Ryan Greenwell

My name is Ryan Greenwell and I am a member of Team Impact and i will be playing front.


Height: 5.9

Experience: 8 months

Gun: Pirahna GTI e-force

Timothy Hand

My name is Timothy Hand i will be playing front for Team Impact. I have an angel lcd and love to play.

Timothy Hand

Age: 15

Height: 5.5

Experience: 2 years

Gun: Angel LCD

Jim Schaperkotter

My name is Jim Schaperkotter i will be playing back/mid for Team impact i have an e-bladed cocker and it rips.


Height: 5.8

Experience:2 years

Gun: E-bladed cocker

RJ Klocker

My name is RJ Klocker and will be playing front.

Age: 13

Height: 5.4

Experience 1 year

Gun: Spyder Imagine, hairline trigger, and 68/30 tank